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Kamis, 24 November 2016


Halo guys.. I just wanna notice you to be caution for browsing, downloading and run direct any software from a website. Altough, If you are used an anti-virus on your devices.
Last summer I just get ringing from my f’ck friend. He ask me about browser on his poor laptop. He was told me his browser on a weird way. Everytime he open any browser on his laptop it direct into unwanted homepage. Not only homepage! Everytime he search for any keyword on google.com it redirect to cse.google.com. what fck that animal?
Yeah we could said. that the browser were under control by “hijacker” !! like a annoyed virus! But not virus. Like Malware but not a Malware. 

So, What is Hijacker??

In this case is very very uncomfortable. Cause Hijacker may be change our default setting connection and lock the setting to their server, and may intercept and track your web searches data. The “hijacker” will not burn your laptop or get your system on dangerous way. Hijacker just wanna fun with this. Most browser hijacker alter default home pages and search pages to those of their customers, who pay for that service to generates the costumer’s website traffic.

(references “spyhunter antimalware and searchsecurity.techtarget.com”)


This is very important to you. Who addict with browsing, downloading, and installing programs.  

You can imagine, if you are on this case. You cannot get access into any search engine? Like a google, bing, or yahoo? You cannot get access the information that you wanted. And how if you are not have somebody to help you ? 

How To Avoid Browser Hijackers ?

To Avoid Browser Hijackers. I suggest you to install High End Anti-Virus Programs into your devices like KaperSky (my computer used it) or any anti-virus software that you feel best.

Change your habit. Give the Agreement attention.. Everytime you installing any software.

People are careless for this case. Probably Browser Hijacker are mentioned in Agreement. When we click “I Agree” the browser hijacker run installing with programs that you are wanted install. Cause usually anti-virus did not detect browser hijackers.
                          Do not install any program direct from a website. That usually called installer program
Scan the program that you want to install
                          Ok If you wanted the article how to delete browser hijacker just                           comment.

Senin, 16 Februari 2015

Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6

Adobe Dreamweaver CS 6

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